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The Brewer

Stewart Mason: Pro Brewer
Stewart’s involvement with beer and brewing began when he started a beer can collection in junior high school. He homebrewed with his father at the age of thirteen and became a passionate home brewer in college.

After several attempts at employment in various fields including chemistry and teaching he volunteered at a brew pub in Boston. He was hired soon after and has been brewing ever since working on many different systems in New England.

He has made his home in Bethel since 1997, enjoys skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing.

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The Brews

European Lager
This lager is a golden hued, medium bodied, light flavored beer. Decidedly light and low in alcohol. The malty nose gives way to a kiss of the German hops employed to remind you it is beer.

This cold conditioned ale is smooth with a hint of caramel sweetness. It has an amber color, is well balanced and extremely drinkable.

A classic India Pale Ale. Dry, medium-bodied with lots of hop flavor.

An opaque black bear, big bodied, malty & hoppy aroma with thick roasted coffee undertones and great hop finish.

Now serving Rapid River Wheat –
Wheat beers are cloudy due to suspended yeast in the beer solution. 60% of the grain is wheat, the other 40 % is made up with German Pilsner malt. Yeast flavors such as clove or similar spices dominate the flavor profile including a citrus wallop. Saaz (pronounced sotz) hops are the only variety used; they lie in wait offering herbal support for a weary hiker or waterlogged paddler. Commonly wheat beers are served with a lemon. Some people won’t want one…

Now serving Mollyocketss Revenge
Originally brewed at Sunday River Brewing Company, Mollyockett IPA was usurped by the ever popular 420 IPA. The legend of Mollyockett was one of revenge. She was a Native American woman that travelled the Oxford Hills healing the sick, telling stories and helping people understand the wildness of the area. When slighted she would lay a curse upon her detractors.

Out of sheer terror of her powers and her spirit, we make Mollyocketts Revenge. The beer style is a Double IPA; twice the malt and a large dose of hops to appease any angry god.
Summit, Golding’s, Cascade and Falconers Flight hops were all in on this brew to assure depth of field on all horizons: bitterness, flavor and aroma.
The ABV is 7%.